Yanni : A Living Legacy

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Go center stage for an explosive concert filled with stunning performances by the world s most extraordinary musicians led by Yanni, one of this century s most original and successful composers and musicians. This spectacular and mesmerizing live event was recorded in front of more than 10,000 people at the Madalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, as part of Yanni s 2005 world tour. The concert was captured by 16 hi-definition cameras and 125 channels of digital audio for a brilliant and amazing clear audio-visual experience. Also includes an All-Access Pass feature with extensive behind-the-scenes bonus footage of performances and candid interviews. Tracks: 1. Creating 2. Standing in Motion 3. Rainmaker 4. Keys to Imagination (featured in Act 1 of the pledge long and pledge event long) 5. Enchantment 6. On Sacred Ground 7. Playtime 8. Until the Last Moment 9. If I Could Tell You 10. For All Seasons 11. The Storm 12. Prelude 13. Nostalgia 14. World Dance 15. End credits



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Year: 2012

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