Yanni : Tribute

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Narrated byiChristopher Plummer A remarkable, unprecedented project, and a PBS special, Tribute was produced during the first concert staged at the Taj Mahal, and the first performance by a Western artist at the Forbidden City. In the midst of these global treasures, Yanni debuted his first new works since 1992. Also included, as a bonus, is the 60-minute companion to the PBS show, No Borders, No Boundaries, narrated by Christopher Plummer. This is a unique film journal describing the extraordinary effort, purpose and achievement of these groundbreaking performances. Tracks: 1. Deliverance 2. Adagio in C Minor 3. Renegade 4. Waltz in 7/8 5. Tribute 6. Dance with a Stranger 7. Nightingale 8. Southern Exposure 9. Prelude 10. Love is All 11. Niki Nana (We're One) 12.Santorini



Translation: Yes

Year: 2012